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"I would like to give a strong recommendation for Christine, who worked for me as a caregiver and personal assistant. She worked on calendar management, cooking, driving, light housekeeping, technology support, cat care, medication management, and assistance with writing projects. Christine proved to be honest, reliable, and flexible, always showing up on time and checking to see if anything else was needed before she left. Christine has great social skills and is a wonderful companion. I recommend her with confidence and would surely choose her again."  

- Marc P., Berkeley, CA

"Christine has been helping me for over three years. She always comes on time and does whatever I need her to do. She is kind, reliable, and absolutely trustworthy. She even calls and checks in on me in between visits. I highly recommend her." 

- Josephine K., Oakland, CA

"Christine was fantastic. We have various needs of care...Christine handled it all with confidence and compassion. She has a level of common sense and calm that sets one at ease. She communicated well and handled unexpected issues that came up with unflappable ease. We would definitely recommend her."  

- David L., Oakland, CA

 Christine is my “local daughter.” When we first met, I felt at ease with her immediately. She is dependable, fun and very easy to work with. I look forward to seeing her every time we have a date on the calendar! 

- Sheila K.,  Oakland, CA